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Much Ado About the Yankees

If we know anything about baseball we know things can change very quickly. We also know the baseball season is very long and what happens in the middle of the season has very little to do with where a team will be at the end.

We are not even at the All-Star Break, the unoffical halfway mark of the season, and I got the feeling critics, fans and media alike will be freaking out about the Yankees getting swept by the Red Sox. How long does someone have to watch baseball to know its a marathon, not a sprint?

If you say that the problems the Yankees exhibited in this past Boston series will show up in the playoffs, then obviously you dont know the Yankees and how they operate. Brian Cashman, Joe Girardi and the powers that be will not sit on their hands for the rest of the regular season. If there is a problem, the Yankees management will try their hardest to resolve it. Joba Chamberlain being out for the rest of the season will not destroy the Yankees' playoff chances. They will simply find someone to fill his spot.

My guess is the sports pundits know all this but freak out anyway because, let's face it, freaking out nowadays is more popular. Radio and television talk show hosts as well as reporters need to freak out to garner attention. There's alot of competition out there and the winning sentiment is "he who makes a bigger fuss gets the most attention."

It's just irksome to long time baseball fanatics to listen or read or watch the so-called experts get it wrong again and again. There is no need to freak out this early in the season. Anyway what's so interesting about someone hemming and hawing over something that's clearly no big deal? It's just annoying and insults the baseball viewers' intelligence. People in the media know they are appealing to sports fans who know what's up and yet they create stories where there are none.

Let's take the high road for once and stick to what happens on the field. It would be more helpful if the sports media would point out the mistakes a team makes and how a team can improve. Sounds boring, huh? That's why during games, announcers have the propensity to put you to sleep. That explains why, on the other hand, we get screaming lunatics who claim they can see into a team's future based on past performance and who rant and rave in a desperate attempt to get our attention.

The truth is, a team's past performance has very little to do with how it performs in the future, even if the future is only a few months away. Yankee fans have no need to worry and the media doesn't need to scare us into paying attention to them.


  1. Lets not forget that for a veteran team like the Yankees it is even more a marathon than a sprint. Also look at the Heat sure they are down now in the Finals but all we heard all year was they did x and x during the regular season against quality competition, things change. Joba being out helps us because I think management will freak out a bit more and upgrade more than they would have by the trade deadline. Let the Yankees trade rumors begin in full force!

  2. Totally agree..I believe this is a reasonable thought. I think some things will be better next season and the possibilities go in a right address. Happy New Year...