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Could it be possible AGAIN???
Well here they go again,,,let's see 74 hits shy of becoming the ony PURE YANKEE to amass 3,000 hits in a career all in PINSTRIPES, with a over three hundred lifetime batting average. Playoff and World Series Records NEVER to be broken or equalled, not to mention the hundreds of millions of dollars generated by his name, play and the dignity given to the PINSTRIPES and the pay back??? Let's go to the dollar menu at McDonald's for lunch Derek!
How about taking him to the Oak Room at the Plaza, because that is truly what Derek Sanderson Jeter is/has and always will be: TOTAL CLASS. HE IS THE YANKEES PRESENT, along with Mo, Jorgie, and Andy, as was Mattingly, Torre, DiMaggio, Mantle, Yogi, Gehrig. If Arod was the face of the Yankees, it would be a chinese buffet; all you can eat but what a belly ache it causes. But NEVER WOULD they have won as much, become so revered, set so many TEAM RECORDS and been so closely knit as they have with Jete at the Forefront.
Derek has brought the PINSTRIPE work ethic, professionalism, SELFLESSNESS and winning to what the YANKEES are supposed to be,,,not to mention being a truly amazing player under ALL circumstances. In essence Jete played with the Verve of Pete Rose and the panache of Joe D, without fanfare or self agrondisement,,,,He was Jete through and through ALL NEW YORK YANKEE>
So Cashman how many more STUPID mistakes can you make by insulting the YANKEES, THE FANS, THE PINSTRIPES and Derek Jeter? A brief count of idiocy, Giambi, Burnett, Contreras, Weaver, Vasquez, TWICE, Nick Johnson or yea and the Cornhusker,,,JOBA.....good lord without the likes of Jete and, O'Neill Andy, Mo and Jorgie, who over a decade branded the PINSTRIPES as a close to Trillion dollar sales enterprise, along with countless titles and rings let you just ignore the obvious and say, here are a few bucks take it or leave it.
Perhaps a more Professional/consiliatory offer, not a pure business machine offer, would have been 4 years at 20 million each and a lifetime services contract and allow Derek to move at his own pace,,,as only an intelligent athlete knows when it is time to say "hey, maybe it is time". His Pride is his contribution to the TEAM and THE PINSTRIPES, not his bank account...Yea enjoy eating the 100 million for chasing down Arod, who almost destroyed the fibre of the team with his AHOLE BS and arrogance...how does that taste Mr. Cashman, I will bet that Theo Epstein is laughing now about not getting Arod...who won????? let's see in the new 2000's I believe the Sox have two rings and totally creamed the Bombers from behind,,and guess what the did not have,,,,Arod. Just a bunch of Ballplayers who were, "IDIOTS",,,,kind like the 96 and 98 Team's. TOGETHERNESS.
But you go ahead and forget all he has done and give him a dollar menu burger,,"what fools these higher ups be". PT Barnum said there is a sucker born every minute,,,sould it be possible that the "new Steinbrenner regime" was born just minutes apart???
If I were Jeter I would counter the offer like this give me one guaranteed year at 20 million with a personal option for a second at say 10-15..Collect the needed hits to achieve the 3000 plus mark in year one, that give you 20 years of Service, plus all the records, joy and dignity brought to the team and walk away.
Mr. Jeter you are a first ballot Role Model, Gentlemen and oh yes Baseball Icon..No longer do the Yankees deserve you and your wonderful contributions, the TRUE FAN's know this..With your absence the revenue will go down as less people will want to see the side show, or buy the merchandise,,and the pathetic thing is that Cashman et al only cares about revenue...
I have seen a couple of WS Championships in person at the original, 70's remodeled and House that George Built, # 27 with my 13 year old Son...I have run the gamut. As a lifelong Yankees fan, I miss the Yogi's, and Roger's and DonnieBaseball's Whitey, Paulie and will miss Jete, Mo, Andy and Jorgie...They screwed Mr. Torre, and Donnie, hell Yogi left for 14 years and now you Mr. Jeter...I am done with them...maybe the Dodgers or Oakland will fill my ticket now, my son and I have been to many mnay games since he was three, including #27...What a way to leave,,fond memories,,all good,,but a TRULY BAD TASTE ON THIS ONE.. DEREK SANDERSON JETER, FROM MY HEART I WISH TO THANK YOU FOR THE MANY MANY MOMENTS IN DIGNITY YOU HAVE GIVEN THE YANKEES AND THE GAME, AND MY BELOVED SON,,I will always love the Yankees,,,ALWAYS but this is it....not another penny to be spent.. That is painful....but honest!

1 comment:

  1. Still not sure why people are so in love with Jeter. Didn't the Yankees give this guy a HUGE contract 10 years ago?? People make it sound like Jeter gave the Yankees a discount for playing for them. And what is it with comparing his contract with A-Rod's? Will this nonsense stop already?!?

    Bottom line is that Jeter needs and has needed the Yankees more than vice-versa. Whatever happened to "the team is bigger than the player?" Jeter has NOT been the perfect teammate/captain. If we would've been then he would've put his childish behavious asside and would've made A-Rod comfortable in the clubhouse from day one.

    The Yankees offered this guy 3/45. Who the heck else would even come CLOSE and why WOULD the Yankees bd against themselves?? Who purposely does that??

    Just because the Yankees have made mistakes in the opast DOESN'T mean that it's ok to keep making mistakes. In hindsight vision IS 20/20. So because they overpaid for Burnett, A-Rod, and others (even though AT THE TIME they looked like good deals) it's ok to overpay for Jeter now when it looks like his producton is going downhill? Where's the logic??