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Proper Re Tooling is not Firing the Pitching Coach!

Re - Vamp Should start at the top!
Dave Eiland is not at fault for the complacency and lack of proper off field training that highly recruited and paid pitchers have seemingly failed to do. AJ Burnett is by his own admission a .500 pitcher, and Joba nothing more than a out of shape out of sink buffoon, but sadly a member of the most dominate and exclusive franchise in the history of Sports.
Do not get me wrong, AJ brought joy and playfullness to the Team in 2009, coupled with the dynamic personalities of Johnny Damon and Nick Swisher. It seemed that the Yankees had not just a Core Four, but a repeatable work ethic with a window of 4 years to continue to perform at the highest level.
What happened to the PIE in 2010?

o AJ, well he struggled and Joba,,nuff said. BUT WHY,,,,,Not the fault of Dave Eiland,,,

o COMPLACENCY certainly comes to mind.

o Damon released,and oh yea, what ever happened to:

o WS MVP and Pure Yankee Hideki Matsui?
Matsui only provided the Angels with: 145 games, .274 BA, 21 HR’s 84 RBI’s and 55 Runs. While, Nick, “how can I stay hurt” Johnson did nothing after May 7th or before for that matter.

And the mind boggling judgment of Brian Cashman, to replace a Professional in Matsui. So lets escape and blame Dave Eiland,,,
But getting back to my point, Dave Eiland is a Great Pitching Coach, his work ethic and training techniques are to be valued not overlooked. Did the Large Kid from Nebraska look plausibly fit to pitch this year,,no he sulked because a 23 year old Hughes reported ready to COMPETE and thereby WON the job.
Did AJ look remotely similar to the Pitcher that Cashman so coveted,,,I THINK ,,,,,NOT.
I do not begrudge the players for being paid silly sums of money to play a kids game, I applaud it. But with that comes the responsibility of being PREPARED…
In the off season did the pitching staff throw long toss on their own, doubtful, except for perhaps CC, Andy and Hughes.
Long toss has been the foundational structure for an arm to strengthen and thus be able to perform deep into a 162 game schedule… It just did not happen. Lets blame Eiland,,,,how about Pitchers return the money or donate it to Children’s Charity?????
BLAME ,,, in my view Brian Cashman, Joba was, is and will be his HUGE mistake, but the Team will have to live with, as is Burnett.
There is a young kid named NOVA,,,remember him, never was allowed to find out if he could win or lose a game as Manager Joe “Gag” Girardi pulled him.
Baseball Men :
Joe Torre and Mel Stottlemeyer would never allow that, but would let him to feel his oats. I can just hear it: “Don’t worry kid; we got your back, just make your pitches”. And We know there are more than just these two in the Game.
I am not sure there is a pitcher today that can go out and feel secure and safe as he approaches 90 pitches.Typically Yankee Management, will assign blame this time to anyone, the Pitching Coach,as opposed to the players for not taking responsibility.
Yankee Management continues their egomaniacal attempts to put non matching personnel together, while removing the glue that kept it together.
But fear not, Cashman will urinate away a gazillion dollars to get Cliff Lee,,,and whoever else can fill in the blanks, as in checks.
Glad you are not here to see this Mr. Steinbrenner, even You would be appalled at this.
Fire Cashman. Hire Billy Beane and build on Statistics! If you need a Compatible Pitching Coach How about Rick Petersen?
The Yankees of 2010 remind me of the Democrats Tax and Spend.
To Jete, Mo, Andy and Jorgie, your loyalty and Professionalism is well appreciated as are the skills and dignity you have brought to the New York Yankees.
Let us pray that the New Steinbrenner Group and the Psuedo GM can perform at a level comparable to what you have.!


  1. I like the idea of returning some money to a children's charity, heck they should do that anyways. I wouldn't even care if it was sports related, I have been impressed by athletes that buy large blocks of tickets for kids with needs. I know this get off topic but you have some great thoughts man.

  2. Appreciate your response,,,been around too long to just let it get away. Last time I looked ya got what ya paid for, and in CC, Andy and Hughes they Yankees did!!! The Rest,,,Have a nice day!:) Coach

  3. why can't the yankees develop and or draft real young pitching talent like so many other teams? who ever is responsible for these choices should be fired!

  4. CASHMAN WOULD RATHER PISS AWAY THE FANS MONEY ON .500 Pitching talent like Burnett than build more Hughes like Pitchers,,,Joba is a joke, but Brian's baby boy,, hell he has not enough balls to say "WHOOPS I MIGHT HAVE MADE A MISTAKE" FIRE CASHMAN!!!

  5. In one regard with the development of Hughes, they have, Kennedy never go a chance to grow up, Mo and Andy are the last of that True Yankee breed,,, and Joba,,,,send him to Kansas, they need something and I do not think that Wyoming has a MLB Team,,,,you are right, build from within,,,or at least try,, STICK WHERE FOREARTTHOU STICK MICHAEL???? HELP HELP HELP!!!