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How to address the Core Four going Into 2011

Jete has been a part of every Yankee memory since his arrival in 1996.
As hard as it is to fathom, Jeter is 36 and will be 37 in June. He enters free agency coming off what might be his most challenging all-around season in the big leagues. But it is more than likely that Jete played with day to day aches and pains which typically went undetected. Like Lou Gehrig Jete would do what is best for the Yankees and play through discomfort,,unless of course it would hurt the TEAM.
Despite an off year, batting average (.270), slugging (.370) and on-base percentage (.340), Derek’s presence on the field is what Yankee Legendry is about. While it is idiotic to think that the Yankee brass would cast him aside, (the Steinbrenner Family would be dismissed first in New York City) there are two issues with resigning him. The first is how much do you pay an 11 time All-Star and future Hall of Famer, who has meant more to your team than any other player over the past fifty years? – Second, how long do you pay him?
Simple you give him a stated period of play contract with lifelong continuum clauses for whatever money is appropriate. My thought 25 Million for 4 as Player, then adjusted scale for life.
The other question is, and if so how would the Yankees approach asking the FRANCHISE to give shortstop up and where/when would they move him.
Jeter @ third Alex too short? nah....
Most likely Jeter remains at Short through 2011.
And anything HE so chooses in the Organization for LIFE!
Mariano Rivera:
What do you do with a 40+ year old former failed starting pitcher in the Major League’s? Who now DEFINES CLOSER? The implication, artform and surely it's history?
Mo with thelongest running tenure of the CORE FOUR, as most fans forget Mo came up in 1995 as a string bean skinny starting pitcher with a adequate fastball, but not much else. And he got hit hard, posting a 5.51 ERA that year.
Mo was sent down, only to emerge as:
John Wetteland‘s set-up man, proving to be unhittable and has remained so through today!
Mariano has redefined the role of CLOSER, forever, PERIOD.
Unlike Jeter or Posada, Mo shows few signs of slowing down or letting age affect him – other than the slightly more frequent muscle strains.
He remains baseball’s and the YANKEE'S ultimate weapon;
Since every team realizes if you let the Yankees get to the ninth with a lead;
The big questions with Mo remain, how long can he continue defy Father Time, and how much longer will he want to?
Mariano reminds me of the Great Satchel Paige’s line:
” Don’t look back, they might be gaining on you”;
but no one has really gained much on Mo.
By the way Mo’s is an AMAZING Restaurant in New Rochelle New York,
Truly a destination for any travelling Yankee Fan!

Andy Pettite:
The Greatest Post-Season Pitcher in BASEBALL HISTORY;
Need I say more?
This is the one member of the Core Four with the most uncertainty about his status for 2011. Simply by personal choice!
Will he retire or will he come back for another hurrah?
Andy is taking some time to mull over his decision and has often said that it ultimately rests with his family.
Why not carefully weigh his decision?,
He is only:
A three-time All-Star, borderline Hall of Famer, with 240 career wins,2251 SO’s.
BASEBALL'S all-time leader in post-season wins, starts, AND innings.
ANDY has pitched some of the MOST MEMORABLE games in YANKEE History:
Included in Andy’s Proud History;
Pitching the deciding games, in all three series in 2009.
Importantly for 2011, the Yankees need to know if Andy is coming back before they can finalize the 2011 starting banking situation.
Just Honor his time, his process and Family, have patience, then pay him, giving the acknowledgement:
Andrew Eugene Pettitte (born June 15, 1972), Baton Rouge, Louisiana,
There is NO doubt the Yankees are a better team with him in 2011 than without.
Jorge Posada:
At 39, Jorgie is the only member of the Core Four signed for next season. Remember Jorgie and Andy in Double A together? Try that when you pick out a catcher AJ, care to match You v Andy n Jorgie?
He too is borderline Hall of Famer.
My take is that to be elected to the Hall, you have to be the dominate player at your position, during your Era,,,Who has done or Won more than Jorgie?
Okay, he suffered through one his more frustrating seasons in 2010.
Still he produced 57 runs, hit 18 dingers, scored 49 runs in only 120 games. Age is a concern with Jorgie, however what he begins to loose in physicality, he more than makes up for in COMPLETE knowledge and Professionalism. Historically catchers do not age gracefully, and when they decline, it tends to be a rapid descent.
Defensively, the injuries of the past few seasons have taken their toll, Jorgie no longer moves with mercurial grace behind the plate, but he does move more intelligently.
So riddle me this Batman:
How to begin easing him out of the regular catcher role?
Trying to insert
Cervelli into more starts this year, NO that just confirmed that Cervelli is nothing more than a career backup.
So 2011 promises the long-awaited arrival of Jesus Montero, but all of the reports regarding his defensive prowess hardly make him out to be the next Thurman Munson.
Jorgie will accept more DH time and less catching time for younger version of himself only because he is a consummate TEAMMATE, TRUE YANKEE and Ultimate Sportsman?
Jorgie has long taken pride in his defensive game, has worked very hard and deserves the credit and recognition, even if he has been known to be feisty at times.

It’s served him, the Fans and the YANKEES well in the past –




  1. Great article, really it is a great tribute piece to the core 4. I agree with you on doing something that makes Jeter a Yankee for life. What we can't do is turn him into baseballs Brett Favre. The real question isn't probably on this year with the core 4 it is next year where I see Jorge retiring and Jeter slipping into a more DH role. Andy will be for sure retired next year and Rivera I think has two more good years in him, will play three but the bottom will fall out on him like it did Hoffman at some point and it will be sudden.

  2. Agreed, but like Bernard Hopkins,, Mo seems to find a way to "GET ER DONE" Thanks for the commentary, appreciate it,, enjoy your Holidays...