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The Angry Ones

by Richard Gonyeau
May 7, 2010

  I was recently involved in a friendly debate about the "unwritten rules" of baseball (and subsequently the DH rule) with the Angry Ones over on giantsmix.com.
I kept trying to state my point, but they all quickly came out of the woodwork to raise irrational, immature arguments. They told me that the American League version of the game is wrong, and that it's 'fake baseball.' They all assume to know much more about the game than I do, because I didn't play past little league. (Evidently the writers/readers at giantsmix.com are all ex-professional baseball players.) They trashed ARod, and called the Yankees 'cheaters' for a reason I still can't figure out, because it was never properly explained to me. To see their inane arguments in the comments field, click here.

It occurred to me then, that non-Yankee fans really do hate the Yankees and their players with a passion. I have trouble relating to this, because I like all baseball teams. Ok, maybe not the Red Sox. But I respect them as a worthy adversary. Unfortunately, fans of other teams do not view the Yankees in the same light. And so, I dub them 'the Angry Ones,' because they are in fact, quite angry.

I have an explanation for their intense negativity: the Yankees are the most popular team in baseball. They are one of the best teams, competing in the best division in baseball: the AL East. These facts have a polarizing effect on fans of the game. Fans of other teams are jealous that the Yankee faithful have a team that competes every single year. And I honestly sypmathize with them, because I couldn't imagine not being in contention each season. Can you imagine what it must be like to be a Pirates fan? Forgetaboutit.

One thing I find astounding is the animosity the Angry Ones exhibit towards the DH rule and the American League. It's as if they believe themselves to be baseball purists, and our DH rule is blasphemous. The ironic part, is that most of the writers/readers at giantsmix.com have grown up with the DH rule as part of their lives. It was adopted by the league in 1973. It is as much a part of the game as sunflower seeds. I can understand if someone doesn't like the DH rule. It's a free country, we all have choices. But to over-react and start calling AL baseball fake, or cheating, is simply ridiculous.

If they want to be angry at us, then so be it. It just gives us more reason to root for the American League in interleague play, as well as in the All-Star game. (Which, we continue to dominate by the way.)

I know it was weeks ago that ARod infamously stepped on the mound during a game against Oakland, but Dallas Braden is running his mouth once again. To read his recent comments, here is a link from the USA Today article. It should make a routine set against the A's a bit more exciting, no? But we'll have to wait until July for that showdown. Tonight we open up a 3 game series in Boston. (Those fake, cheating bums!) Lol.

Hey Angry Ones... the big shiny photo of Arod at the top... that one's for you.


  1. Well the DH rule and hating the Yankees are two separate issues, I have never heard anybody say they hate the Yankees because of the DH rule and being in the American League. Lets be a little realistic the Yankees do have a big advantage over say Pittsburgh in that they can make a lot more money, that isn't the Yankees fault though that is baseballs. As a non Yankee fan I really don't mind them for one reason, and that is other than Arod the team seems to be full of class acts, and for that matter it seems most of the rest of the organization respects the game. It would be much worse for MLB to have two laughing stock franchises in the biggest US market, than one that knows what they are doing.

  2. You are right, they are all angry. What is their problem anyways, that pitching staff is pretty solid be happy.

  3. Can't wait for A's vs Yankees next time up.