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3 Negatives for the Yanks

1) Granderson to the DL

Granderson hitting the 15-day DL is a HUGE concern for the Yanks.  Last week I had absurd amounts of schoolwork so I didn’t get the chance to write the blog, but one of my 3 positives was going to be Granderson’s play in the outfield. Curtis Granderson is simply perfect for the Yankees.  His swing is ideal for the short porch in right.  He hit the most homeruns to right field in baseball last year (or something like that).  Adding the ridiculous porch at the Stadium into the mix, Granderson looks like he could really emerge as a dominant centerfielder for the Yanks.  Grandy got off to an okay start by hitting .225 in the first month, but his speed and athleticism are what make him a perfect fit for the Yanks.  He is second on the team with 4 steals and is exactly what we need from the 7 hole.  His speed is crucial for the Yanks this year.  We are used to having freakin’ Jorge grounding into a million double plays a year in the 7 spot, but now we have a speedy hitter with some pop in his bat beating out double plays like it is his job.  He has hit into 1 in the last 100 and some odd games, which is simply awesome, but lets not forget he strikes out a lot.  In the field, Granderson has 3 assists already, which is more than Bretty G and Swish combined. Having Grandy and Bretty G, “the Yankee’s Ichiro,” (Thanks to Ronny Washington) deep in the lineup allows Girardi to be creative and play a little small-ball, (Steals, Hit and Runs, Bunts, ect.).  Grandy looks to be a defensive upgrade in center over Damon.  His mixture of awareness and speed make him dangerous in the outfield.  All these positives aside, Bretty G and Swish are going to need to step up with the absence of Grandy.  We have a tough stretch coming up with series with the Sox, Twins, and Rays and the absence of Grandy is going to hurt us no doubt, but lets hope Bretty G and Swish step it up enough where we get by without Grandy.


2) Bullpen Pitching

Robertson, Marte, and Park all have ERAs over 4, which is simply unacceptable for pitchers in the Yankee’s bullpen.  Robertson is holding onto his major league spot by a hair.  He has two blown saves, 11 hits, and 8 ER in 5 2/3 innings.  I would rather pull Mike Stanton out of retirement and let him lace them up because it is pretty hard to do worse than Robertson.  I don’t want to give up on Robertson because last year he was a hidden gem out of the bullpen for us while posting a 3.30 ERA.  He is still posting the strikeouts, (8 in 5 2/3 IP) but is way too hittable to be appearing in the late innings for the Yanks.  Chan Ho Park has been up and down this year.  His peak, the 3 innings of work en route to a win against Boston early in the year.  His other two appearances were tough making his ERA 4.76 for the year.  I don’t see Park’s struggles really having a huge impact on the Yanks simply because Girardi has started to, and I think will continue to, shy away from him.  Marte has pitched well for most of the first month, but had one tough outing en route to a 8-4 loss against the Angels, which is the reason for his 5.40 ERA. 

Robertson, in my mind, needs to head up to Scranton and figure out his location issues.  He will be (or more like I hope he will be) reliable again as he was last year.  Park’s issues are concerning me as much because we have proved we can win without him this year.  Marte will get over his one tough outing and be another solid 1 inning guy out of the pen.



3) Tough stretch coming up

So far, I am loving how the Yanks are playing.  This next 2-3 weeks are really going to show how good the Yanks really are.  We have a three game series at Fenway, which we know will be great.  Then we have Detroit, who is 16-11, the Twins, another two game set with Boston at the Stadium, and then Tampa and the Mets.  If the Yanks can get through this stretch impressively, we are golden.


PS: This whole Jorge to the DL thing is troubling as well.  Cervelli is hitting the crap out of the ball though, maybe a good thing?  Wel’ll see.


1 comment:

  1. I think for right now Cervelli brings a nice new energy to the lineup, a bit of excitement for the team to see a young player doing well. Of course this will wear off and I would still prefer to see Cervelli spark the team from the bench. I agree that Granderson is a good fit for the Yankees, hopefully we didn't give up to much for him.