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3 Negatives of Last Week

The Yankees have been tearin’ it up with a 12-6 record and look poised to make another good run this year. After sweeping the Rangers led by my favorite ML manager, the corrupt Ron Washington, the Yanks hit the west coast for a week. First, they had to deal with Athletics in their annoying white cleats before they headed to play the always-tough Angels. Splitting those six games is nothing to be ashamed of, but the Yanks definitely have a few things they need to keep their eye on as the season continues:
 1) 2-3 SPOTS IN LINEUP – The Yankees need these spots to be productive in order to maintain World Series caliber baseball in New York, and I think Brian Cashman acquired Nick Johnson to do more then just walk while hitting in the two hole. Johnson went just 1-14 in on the west coast and didn’t even suit up for the last two games because of a “bad back”. I think he needs to cut back on the brews and start hitting the cages to be honest, cause he seems lost at the plate. Mark Teixeira also had a tough time in Cali as his career stats in April continue to disappoint. Mark went 3-22 over the six games but did have some nice swings and managed to park one despite his struggles. I think all Yankee fans really have a lot of faith in Tex to break out and when he does, great things will be coming our way…
2) JAVIER VAZQUEZ Javy, if we knew you were going to come back to New York and post up a record of 1-3 with an ERA of 9.00, we never would have brought you back. You’re contract is sucking up $11.5 million to put up below average fourth starter stats. Sure, the Yanks spend a ton of cash and love showing off their free agent acquisitions, but dumping Melky and prospects for this guy is looking more and more questionable. Granted, it is early and he did finish 4th in NL Cy Young voting last year, so we won’t run him out of town just yet. Let’s step it up Jav.
3) TAMPA BAY IS BALLIN’ – One scary scenario that could repeat itself in the AL East is another three-team race, similar to when the Rays reached the World Series in 2008. We all know that Boston and New York will bring it, but if Tampa can keep up this level of ball this division may turn into a blood bath. Tampa is boasting the best record in the league at 14-5 and are absolutely killing teams on the road, which is usually the sign of a good team. The Yanks will not face them until the Rays come to town on May 19th, but let’s keep an eye on their hot start.
After 18 games if you were to tell me that the Yankees would be 12-6, I think we would all be satisfied. They head to Baltimore for three games starting Tuesday, and then come home for a weekend series with White Sox. Beating scrub teams like the Orioles is crucial early on so lets flood Baltimore with loud Yankee fans as usual and sweep them. For this week, those are three things we should keep watch out for. Let's go Yanks.


  1. 1) Nick Johnson is injury prone. I respect his OBP, but if I had to get rid of one Yankee in the lineup, he would be the one. I agree that most fans are patient with Tex. As we should be. I think every April it will look as if his slump will never end. I just hope he gets it together soon. I wonder how long it would take before most fans start getting restless. The end of May? Probably.

    2) Javy totally needs to step it up. He looks weak compared to the rest of the rotation. I actually felt bad for him in his last start. After he got pulled, he just sat on the bench with a confused/sad look on his face. He doesn't know what's going on. And frankly, neither do we. I hope he can put together a respectable season after such a wretched start. I'm not holding my breath though.

    3) Indeed, Tampa is ballin'. It's a contract year for most of their bigger names, so it's sort of a do-or-die season for that team. I doubt they'll be able to afford to keep the likes of Garza, Pena, Upton, etc. Most of their team is on one year deals. So yeah, this year they're in it to win it. They should continue to be a threat down the stretch.

  2. Move Johnson down when he gets back and stick Granderson in the 2 spot, Curtis will do better there- currently hitting .231

  3. great blog post, really nailed it on the head. very interesting subject line and well written if I might add.

  4. don't know a thing about B-Ball but I am a huge fan of the writer....