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What Kind of Man Are You?

by Richard Gonyeau

Matsui    In the final game against the Angels last night, Matsui hit a monstrous blast over the right-center wall during his first at-bat. He had previously been hitless in his return to Yankee Stadium, so I was happy to see him finally get on the board. As he was trotting the bases, I noticed some people stood up and clapped for him. I'll admit, I rose up from the couch and clapped in appreciation as well. But I was shocked when I heard Michael Kay say that there were others in the crowd who booed him.

Really? You're going to boo Godzilla? He hits a solo shot in the top of the 2nd to take a meager 1-0 lead, and you're going to boo him? I wanted to see Phil Hughes pitch a clean sheet as much as the next guy, but come on folks.

I think you can tell a lot about someone solely based off their reaction to Matsui's home run. If you stood up as well, or at least felt good for Matsui when he hit the ball out of the park, then it's pretty safe to say I'd call you a friend. You have a good sense of appreciation, and know that sometimes, respect for an individual and his accomplishments can take precedence over team loyalty. But if you're one of the people who booed him, I think it's fairly likely that you're a class-A douche bag. Did you suddenly forget about the seven years he spent in the Bronx? Or even more recently, that he was 2009 World Series MVP?

So, to get a better idea of who might be reading this blog, I guess my question is: What kind of man are you? Are you the kind of guy who booes Godzilla? Or did you feel good for him after that home run? Am I wrong to judge people based on this one incident?


  1. Can't agree more if you are a real fan you sit quietly in your seat and appreciate the work that he just did, or if you are a huge fan you go ahead and tip your cap and give a small cap. True fans have love for the game overall and appreciate good work even when it is from the other team, same thing goes for not cheering when a player on the other team gets injured and other instances.

  2. I wish the local media would do a better job teaching an overall respect for the game, I think they really have the power to influence fan behavior with their attitudes.

  3. I don't know. The guys in the booth (Kay, Leiter, Singleton) are all stand-up guys. Two of them are former players, and Kay has an incredible respect for the game. Personally, I have learned a great deal about the nuances of the game just from the way Leiter talks about it. He really teaches people about the game from the inside. That being said, there's only so much the media can do.

    This might sound like something Yogi might say, but 'maturity comes with age.' The older you are, the more likely you are to have a respect for the game. I appreciate the game much more in my 30's than I did in my teens and 20's.

  4. I was at this game and was near tears of enjoyment when I saw Matsui hit the home run. I stood up my seat and applauded his good hit in joy. Then later when the combination of Granderson (who somewhat replaced him in a sense) and Posada get Matsui out at the plate, regardless of how much of a die-hard Yankee fan I am, I was disappointed Matsui didn't score.