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Baseball: The Resurrection

by Richard Gonyeau

When I first heard the Yankees will be opening up the season on the Easter holiday, I thought to myself, "Well, that's appropriate." Jesus must love baseball. Can you think of a better reason to rise from the dead than to see the Yankees battle the Red Sox on opening day? I can't. It is the perfect resurrection of baseball: Sabathia vs Beckett in prime time.

The drama of this opening series is exactly what baseball fans long for in the late off-season months. When it's mid-February, and we're pining for baseball, we're not thinking about Orioles vs. Royals or Pirates vs. Reds. We're longing for Yankees vs. Red Sox. It's sure to beat last year's opening day. (Braves vs Phillies? Snoozefest.) So this year I'd like to thank MLB for fixing our baseball hangover with the hard stuff, right off the bat.

Baseball rivalries aside, there's still plenty to get excited about within the Yankees organization. I know I have a few burning questions that will be answered by season's end. In no particular order, they are:

1. Will Mariano be able to continue his domination? He's 40 years old. I know plenty of Yankee fans out there who think he's invincible, but let's try to be realistic. How many more seasons can he continue to break bats with that wicked cutter?

2. How will the starting rotation work out? After a competitive spring season, Phil Hughes proved to be the most worthy for the fifth spot. Did management make the right decision? Will we see any more of the "Joba Rules" that vexed Yankee fans all last season? Is he now being groomed to replace the great Rivera?

3. Will the new additions to the team (Granderson, Winn, Johnson, Vasquez) be able to earn their pinstripes? Or will the pressure of playing in New York be too much for them?

I'm sure you fans out there have other questions you'd like answered. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment field below.


  1. I really like the whole potential Joba in the wings to replace Rivera, it is like in football when you get the QB 3 years behind a starter (at least how that should happen).

  2. I hear ya. Especially since Joba was lights out in the pen a few years ago. It's hard to say whether or not he'll appreciate the bullpen role he's been given this year. He might have his mind made up to be a starter, and be given a starter's salary. No one can rightfully replace Mo, but Joba does have one thing on his side: the people in New York LOVE him. If he does well, they might consider him a worthy successor to Rivera.

  3. I think Joba can live very well even in NY on a top end closers pay. You are right though that he might have his mind set on a starter. I think starter to closer is an easier transition mentally than starter to middle relief though.

  4. I think the big thing is that we will see Sabathia,ARod and Tiexeira have completely dominating years, not like last year where it took a while to get things rolling. I can't wait for this season to get started, what an Easter treat.