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April 4th - Yankees 7 Red Sox 9

by Richard Gonyeau

"Well... at least no one got injured."

It was all I had to say last night, as Papelbon threw the final out of the season opener. But despite the disappointment of letting our arch rival come back to beat us, I don't feel too bad about yesterday's result.

Maybe it was the euphoria of opening day. Maybe it was the excitement of Yankees vs Sox. I just can't help feeling very positive about the season after watching last night's game.

Our offense was stunning. How about that Brett Gardner? 2 for 4 with an RBI, RUN, and SB. Sure, he nearly threw the ball into the stands on that one play. But he did more than enough at the plate and on the basepath to make up for it. As Ken Singleton would say, 'The kid has gumption!' Even players who went hitless still contributed. Nick Johnson took 2 walks. Teixeira took a walk and came around to score. I loved seeing the back to back home runs by Posada and Granderson.

Defense and pitching left a bit to be desired however. A passed ball here, a wild pitch there... it was unfortunate that Sabathia's first few strong innings came apart so quickly. It wasn't the best of results for Chan Ho Park, who picked up the loss and a blown save. Even though he took the brunt of negative stats last night, the entire bullpen was part of that epic fail. I'm not too worried though. I think the pitching will come around in time. Not to mention, it wasn't the Royals we were playing. Boston has one of the best offenses in the American League.

Does anyone else have any thoughts about last night's game? You think we'll turn it around and take this opening series in Boston?


  1. No worries about the loss, this team is going to rake all year long at the plate. I am a fan that loves offense and this is just going to be fun to watch. Remember when the Sox had Manny and Ortiz I was secretly envious but now we have ARod and Tiexeira going strong out of the gate for a whole season, look out American League.

  2. Where did all of that offense come from in Boston? It is so much fun to start off the year right off the bat with the big series against the Sox, but I think it hurts the Yankees as we are the better team but our advantage is probably diminished this early in the season. I would hate to loose this series and have it come back to bite us all the way down the line in the fall.

  3. It was a great game and very intense. Despite the loss against the Red Sox, I am confident that the Yanks will have another great season. It was only the first game, we have 161 left to go.

    Someone once told me that "sports is all about upsets." Anything can happen.