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2010 Yankees Outlook

This is my 2010 defending Champion NY Yankee Outlook:

You will see my Division, League, World Series, and Player Award Predictions or Saturday but this is my position by position projections for the upcoming season.

The main player that the Yankees well be depending on most is their vocal leader, and in my eyes the Co Captain catcher Jorge Posada.

C: Jorge Posada/ Fransisco Cervelli- I look for Jorge to catch 115 games and DH about 20 games and from Jorge we can expect to see a line of BA: .270, OBP: .379, HR: 22, RBI: 85, and below average defensive play. The thing is he is very clutch and if he goes done for any extended period of time the Yanks could be in trouble.

1B: Mark Texiera/ Nick Johnson- I look for Tex to basically repeat last years numbers since he does that every year. Look for BA: .290, OBP: .410, HR: 35, RBI: 115, and elite defense at first. As for Nick Johnson I am glad to see him back he looks like a Yankee...for god's sake the man looks like Babe Ruth. He will thrive in this lineup and in this ball park as the DH/1B. Look for BA: .310, OBP: .415, HR: 23, RBI: 78, and great patience at the dish which will enable Jeter to move on the bases and let Tex and AROD see some pitches.

2B: Robbie Cano- has had a few hot and cold seasons; he hits points in the season where you literally can not get him out but, there are also times where he gets himself out 10-15 at bats in a row. Last year his main issue was his inability to drive in runners in scoring position. He will get thee benefit of the doubt to start the season but if it continues expect to see him drop from the 6th spot in the order. Look for BA: .318, OBP: .375, HR: 22, RBI: 81, and above average play in the field but sometimes sloppy due to laziness.

SS: El Capitan Derek Jeter- he is coming off a fantastic year where he proved many people including myself wrong with solid play at shortstop. Nobody questions his ability to hit because like Texiera each year you can pencil in last years numbers and be pretty close. Being that Jetes is going on 36 years old expect a little drop off but, dont get crazy...look for BA: .327, OBO: .395, 2B: 35, 3B: 2, HR: 17, RBI: 75, SB: 20, and average play in the field.

3B: Alex Rodriguez- AROD got the monkey off his back last year in more ways than one. First the whole steroid thing came out and is done (for the most part) and second he now has a ring to go with all of those MVP thophies. He missed the first month of the season and still put up 30 homers and 100 rbis...wow...this year look for a monster year equal to one that the juiced AROD put up in the early 2000s. Look for BA: .318, OBP: .420, HR: 50, RBI: 145, and stellar play at the hot corner.

LF: Brett Gardner/ Randy Winn- My theory on Brett Gardner is this...the fans are not giving his play enough credit and the Yankees are giving his play too much credit. He is an average ball player better suited for the bench role of the 4th outfielder but, he will be given every chance to earn the starting job in left but, until he does he shares alot of time with veteren Randy Winn. Honestly this is just a placeholder for the persuit of Carl Crawford this offseason ( GO GET HIM YANKS). Look for Gardner: BA: .275, OBP: .350, 3B: 4, HR: 6, RBI: 42, SB: 27, and solid outfield play. Look for Winn to produce BA: .260, OBP: .330, HR: 8, RBI: 40, SB: 11, and similar outfield play.

CF: Curtis Granderson- The offseason deal that brought Granderson to New York was one of great importance to the Yanks. We brought in the first centerfielder who can play defense and hit since Bernie. Curtis can abuse that wall and wind tunnel in right field as well as turn a few doubles into triples with those legs. Pair that with solid defense and the Yanks have landed a anchor in the outfield. Look for: BA: .279, OBP: .339, 2B: 35, 3B: 6, HR: 25, RBI: 83, SB: 22, and solid outfield play which will make NY fans forgot Mr. Damon very quickly.

RF: Nick Swisher- Nick was an integral element to this team last season being that he almost single handedly hit the Yankees through April and kept their heads above water until Alex returned. Swisher will hit like crazy for a few weeks and then fall off the face of the earth for a month...like Giambi he will always walk 6-8 times a week. Look for: BA: .245, OBP: .379, HR: 30, RBI: 90, and below average right field play.

Bench: Marcus Thames, Fransisco Cervelli, Ramiro Pena, Randy Winn, and Nick Johnson- I gave you my thoughts of the two most important guys there basically dont expect too much from Pena and Thames will provide pop off the bench.

Prospect: If an injury to Tex, Johnson Posada, or Cervelli comes up you have to watch out for Jesus Montero he can hit...and hit...and hit more.

The Starting Pitching Rotation:

SP: C.C. Sabathia- A true ace for this staff CC is a power lefty who will earn that paycheck again this season vieing for a 2nd Cy Young Award. Look for: W: 20, L: 7, ERA: 3.29, and K: 210.

SP: A.J. Burnett- As Burett's history shows he due due for a injury riddled year where he should make 12 starts losing 7 of them...but I am an optimist I see maybe a few missed starts for blisters and give him 29 starts this year. Look for: W: 15, L: 11, ERA: 4.21, K: 167.

SP: Andy Pettitte- The pitcher who has been nothing but money in the post season returns to New York for atleast one more year. Andy has been as important as anybody to wear the pinstripes over the past 15 years. Look for the decline to keep going on but lets decline slowly. Look for: W: 13, L: 8, ERA: 4.08, K: 143.

SP: Javier Vazquez- As a Yankee the first go around he was relatively successful in one season. Pre All-Star break he was masterful...Post-All-Star he was miserable but, has been as steady as anybody in the middle tier of SP in the majors. Look for: W: 15, L: 9, ERA: 3.67, K: 210.

SP: Phillip Hughes- The much anticipated 5th starter race has come to a close and Hughes was victorius. He will victorius many times this year. I see Hughes being a breakout pitcher this year. Look for: W: 14, L: 8, ERA: 3.96, K: 168.

Relief Pitchers:

Mariano Rivera- The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be...(sorry Bret Hart). Look for: W:3, L:3, S:42, K:85, WHIP: .97, ERA: 1.95

Joba Chamberlain- If you have followed me at all over the past two years you know I am a huge advocate for Joba in the bullpen and now I am happy ( I just hope to Yanks haven't already ruined him). I took for Joba to be able to get back to RP form. Look for: W: 4, L: 2, Holds: 22, S: 7, K: 112, ERA: 2.63, WHIP: 1.26

Damaso Marte- your lefty specialist who had a great post season is coming in to this season on a good note. Look for the usual W: 5, L: 2, HOLDS: 11, S: 2, ERA: 3.01, WHIP: 1.46

Dave Robertson- had a great season and earned his spot in the bullpen this year. Look for: W: 6, L: 3, Holds: 3, Saves: 1, ERA: 2.89, WHIP: 1.27

Chan Ho Park- coming back to the American League may pose a problem but, he will not be depended on too much more than anyone else so he should help out.

Stay Tuned for my METS outlook and my predictions

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