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Burnett plus Posada equals Disaster

By Anthony J. Machcinski

AJ Burnett entered the 2009 season with a chip on his shoulder. Despite being the loose guy in the dugout, on the mound it seemed as if he had something to prove. Unfortunately for the Yankees, Burnett was unable to be as great of a pitcher as they hoped, but produced when needed. But one problem that started last year is continuing into the 2010 season. AJ Burnett cannot throw to starting catcher Jorge Posada.

Posada, who seems to have a large presence over his pitchers, and Burnett, who likes to be in control of his own pitches, do not see eye-to-eye and it almost looks like destiny that Francisco Cervelli will catch all of AJ Burnett’s games this season. This is why it was such a pressing issue when Cervelli was injured with a concussion a week or so ago.

Backup catcher for the New York Yankees has such a heavy responsibility to the roster because of this issue between Burnett and Posada. Although the Yankees top prospect in the minors is a catcher, he is not ready for the big leagues, and his defense might suggest he be better at first base. This leaves Francisco Cervelli, who had a nice season as a rookie, and veteran Mike Rivera, signed as a minor league contract.

Cervelli should take the job, replacing Jose Molina who signed with Toronto in the off season. But at some point, Burnett and Posada will have to meet on the field, and when that day comes, the Yankees will have to count on a win, not just another excuse for a loss.

1 comment:

  1. I sort of think it is a good situation to see what Cervelli can do with Burnett, Cervelli looks to have some bat and it would be nice to get a read on how much is actually there. In addition if Cervelli can win with Burnett that might help him in the future with the rest of the pitching staff. It is also a great excuse to sit Posada and a reason the 38 year old shouldn't get that upset over.