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ARod in 2010

By Dan Clayton

What will the 2010 season hold for A-Rod?

Coming off of a stellar 2009 Postseason performance, there are plenty of questions surrounding how Alex Rodriguez will handle 2010. Despite the past embarrassing postseason production we have seen from Alex, we all have to admit that we are impressed by his 2009 effort. With A-Rod finally getting a hold of a championship ring, the reason he “came to New York”, will the drive to capture another one increase?

While his 2009 regular season numbers weren’t on par with past seasons, we have to remember that he did, in fact, miss the first month of the season. He ended 2009 with 30 home runs and 100 RBIs (totals some players strive for their whole careers), and he did it in a shortened season. For those thirty days or so, you didn’t really get to see and feel the Mark Texiera /A-rod tandem. But once it got going, even early on, you could see how powerful the two can really be together. It is as big of a one-two punch as Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz were for the Boston Red Sox from 2003-2007 in which they put up great stats.

Reflecting on years past in A-rod’s career, you can always expect him to put up good stats. In recent years he has come up huge in the clutch, and produces on an all-star level. Of course this is why he was given the biggest contract in the history of sports, and, looking at his numbers, he has earned it. Even on down years (when he wasn’t awarded an MVP), he had MVP-caliber numbers. Yankees fans sure do like to get on his back, but there are never jeers or boos when he hits a walk-off home run or game-tying RBI.

Always in the middle of controversy, A-rod has shown he can overcome just about anything. Starting off this season healthy and with a clean slate, you can expect Alex to put up big numbers. I have my money on the 40 home run/130 RBI area. It will be interesting to see how Alex will handle having won a championship, solidifying his place in the heart of the Yankees lineup from the beginning of the 2010 season. A-rod’s a crucial part of the Yankees lineup—a team that, this year, will make a run at their 28th championship.


  1. All well and good, Dan. But how will the events that surround his rehab with Dr. Tony Galea impact this year? If there is something sinister about this situation, it could blow up during the early part of the season. A-Rod won't have spring training and an extended rehab to allow the flames to cool. Could be more distractions......

  2. Great piece there Dan, look forward to reading more from your perspective

  3. Personally I don't see anything involving the Dr. Galea situation coming into play for Alex. Not to beat a dead horse, but if Arod can overcome all of last years scandals with the steroids and being hurt, this shouldn't have too much of an affect on him. I think a player who comes out and says that they basically cheated has already taken a giant leap in front of public and media scrutiny. Like i said, and how we watched, he handled it fairly well. Are there 100's of questions still left unanswered? Of course, but at least he had the courage to come out and say it. There are plenty of well known players that have not said a word, or just deny deny deny, when it comes to steroids. (example: Roger Clemens)

    Also, with Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes in the mix of all this, I believe it takes a bit of the spotlight off of Alex. Both of those players were on the Disabled List last season and now this season. Were there injuries a result of seeing this doctor or complications in there treatment or rehab? That has yet to be proven. But, with the way the Mets are shaping up this season, and those players involvement with Dr.Galea, I feel as if it gives this cities media and sportsfans plenty to talk about.

    As long as Arod is Arod, and doesn't get to wrapped up in the media, and does not open his mouth too much, himself and the Yankees should be on the road to defending their title.

  4. Yes. But what about the potential distraction that could occur if it is proven that he was treated by Dr. Galea, legally, but outside of the Yankees guidelines for receiving treatment? Tho they never would, the Yankees could cite it as grounds for negating his contract. Or at least discipline him. How might it look if the Yankees did nothing? What kind of distraction could that bring to the Yankees and A-Rod?

  5. Dan,

    "As long as Arod is Arod, and doesn't get to wrapped up in the media, and does not open his mouth too much..."

    Did you really say that? The guy is a media hog. He intentionally went on national TV to clear his dirty name before it came out that he was dirty.
    Arod should be tossed from baseball forever. Forget just negating his contract, he should get the Barry Bonds treatment and get the boot.

    And before anybody goes off on the old "let it go... he cheated, he was caught, it's over." nonsense, really consider that you are rooting for a guy who makes 25 million a year to cheat and lie, and he serves as a role model for your children.

    In the end, go ahead... root for Alex. Any home run or RBI statistic or world series ring from the 1980s on is likely tainted anyway... so who cares if the Yankees make it to 28,30,40, or even 50 rings? It's not actually baseball that you're watching.