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Yankees 2010 Preview

While the Champion Yankee team of 09’ was a very good team in its own right, this team looks to be even better. With the core of the team from last year returning, as well as some new faces, this is the “Team to Beat” in the East. With the huge acquisition of Curtis Granderson, the resigning of Javier Vazquez, and even the aging Randy Winn, this team will compete for another title.
Granderson brings an upgrade to the team as far as defense and offense from the outfield position that was sorely lacking last year. He has a real sense of the game and the ability to play it right and also brings some youth and enthusiasm into an aging locker room full of longtime veterans. Granderson will spend most, if not all, of his playing time in centerfield while the rest of the outfield will be split up amongst Cabrera, Gardner and Winn.
The resigning of Javier Vazquez brings some apprehension as well as some excitement to an already strong rotation. As Yankee fans can remember from his previous stint with New York, when he had an ERA hovering around 5.00, he didn’t bold so well. Yankee fans can’t totally berate him though; he did have a winning record finishing the season with a 14-10 mark. While this time around he doesn’t need to be the ace of the team, he is projected as the 3rd or 4th starter on the team, I am quite sure he will have a better go around this time. With all the pressure not squarely on his shoulders look for him to have a repeat of last season’s stats with a slightly higher ERA, which usually happens when going from the NL to the AL.
Randy Winn might not be an exciting pickup but his acquisition does not go unwarranted. He does bring speed on the base paths as well as a decent arm in the outfield, which is a definite upgrade over Johnny Damon. Winn still has some pop left in his bat, and he will bring wisdom to a young group of outfielders that can learn from him. A one year contract is a good deal for the Yankees as they will look to make a splash next year with bringing in Carl Crawford from the Rays to take over in left field.
This team will be hard to beat in the upcoming year, more so than last season. With the “Captain” Derek Jeter, a healthy and changed man in Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira manning first base with his gold glove ability, C.C. bringing back his dominating A-game along with the rest of the rotation, and with the new players on board, this will be an exciting time for Yankee fans young and old.

Thomas Ingram

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