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Much Ado About Jeter

Is anyone really surprised that Derek Jeter won't discuss signing with the Yankees until next fall when his current contract is up? I mean this is the cool, level-headed captain whose approach never changes when he comes up to the plate in a big spot. As on the baseball field, this philosophy is also used off the field in the Yankee captain's contract negotiations. He has used this approach to to his professional life for years.

So the question must be asked, why is the local media making a story out of nothing. There are a few factors that contribute to the answer to this question. It's the offseason and there's nothing else to talkabout in the sports world. The local basketball and hockey teams stink and even though the Winter Olympics are going on, they only get put on the back page on the days there's no news about the Yankees or Mets. Local papers know the Yankees are a big draw especially on these cold winter days when allNew Yorkers want to see is the slightest sign that baseball season is upon us.

The local media feed on this. Every little word a Yankee or Met says is scrutinized and analyzed to death in hopes of garnering the same interest an actual game would in this town. The smallest of controversies get blown out of all proportion. The latest Derek Jeter contract negotiation non-issue was proof of this. He had to resort to holding a press conference in February to discuss his contract that doesn't expire until the end of this season in order to get the local media off his back.

The New York reporters I'm sure would follow Jeter everyday and ask him questions as if he was running for President. The difference with Jeter is it's a foregone conclusion he will re-sign with the Yankees. There's no chance of him retiring with any other team than the Yankees. Just as Jeter isn't thinking about his contract renewal now, nor should the fans or the media. The only thing true blue Yankees fans should be focused on right now is this season and rooting for their team to repeat. All this other stuff on the back pages now is nonsense and should be treated as such. Too bad the media don't feel the same way.

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  1. Hey there everyone, I actually sat down and interviewed Derek this past Saturday, check it out on my blog for some interesting info. Maybe a few things you haven't heard him say before too.