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Hello fellow Yankee Fanatics!  My name is Eric and I have just been invited to post to this site.  First I wanted to give you a little bit of a background so you understand where I gained my un-healthy (according to some) love of the Yankees.  My grandfather was born in the 20's in Easton PA and as a child was taken to the old, old, Yankee Stadium for weekend double headers and followed all the greats of this era.  Throughout the years he became obsessed with the Bronx Bombers - After his retirement he began keeping box scores for the games as well as notebooks full of tally marks for home runs, stolen bases, rbi's, wins, losses, saves - you name it, he recorded it.  When my Mother was born he passed this gene onto her and she became obsessed with the Yanks as well, in particular, The Mick. 

When I was born in 1982 I was his first, and only, grandson.  I can still remember phone calls bragging about Barfield's monster home run, or the great play Donny Baseball made to save an inning from getting out of control.  Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away in 1997 and only got to see the beginnings of such hall of fame careers of Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, and my personal favorite - Jorge Posada.  Yeah I know what you are going to say, but come on, he was a great offensive catcher as well as one of the best at handling a pitching staff comprised of rookies and veterans.  I still can't believe that these young pitchers had the nerve to shake him off during a game, especially in October - I mean you Phil Hughes!

Anyway, I have a feeling I am going to be passing this genetic trait down to my son, who is due in June.  The pictures on either side of this post are all going to be a part of Evan's coming home out fit.  As you can tell, my wife is an incredibly awesome lady and has bought into the Yankee phenomenon quite nicely.  So that is it for my introduction, I will be posting my thoughts as much as possible, hopefully a few times a week, unless something big happens, then of course I will post my thoughts that day.  I look forward to reading your comments! 

1 comment:

  1. Nice 1st post! Welcome & congrats on your Yankee fan in the making!