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The Alex Rodriguez of 2010

Over the past few years we have seen the many faces of Alex Rodriguez. We have seen the the money hungry Alex, the innocent Alex, the angry Alex, the guilty Alex, and the playoff hero Alex. Arod deserves everything ounce of criticism he gets because he is notorious for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.
In 2010, Alex Rodriguez is going to be a beast. He has a clear mind and a new piece of jewelery to his collection which is the what was missing from the Hall of Fame resume Alex put together.
From what we are hearing, his hip is in good shape and he is ready to go. Partner his health with a hitter friendly ballpark and being in a stacked lineup from soup to nuts and we are going to witness a super year. Alex has played a steady but unspectacular third base and we should not expect any different. At the plate we are going to witness A-bomb after A-bomb many of which will be awe inspiring. Put it in the books; 2010 Alex's numbers will hover around .315 110 runs 50 hrs and 145 rbis.
This will be the year Alex cements his legacy with another MVP and hopefully another ring.


  1. No more writing from my iPhone it sucks to proofread on. Anyway try to read around the errors

  2. I agree with you. I also think A-Rod will have a very good season after getting that albatross (of not 'producing' in the post season, though that was a myth.) Here's to A-Rod! Here's to the Yankees!

  3. A-Rod is cheater. I'm glad he performed well in the post season and showed us all season that you don't need steroids to be good at baseball. But he took steroids and if you stand behind him then you stand for everything that is wrong with America... lying, cheating, and stealing to get ahead.

    Manny Ramirez was wrong. A-rod was wrong. Even Andy Pettite and Jason Giambi were wrong. But they admitted it and didnt continue to lie like little worthless worms. Tejada cried like a little girl but he admitted it too.

    When A-Rod dethrones Babe Ruth will you cheer him on? When he dethrones Hank Aaron will you cheer him on? In my opinion the only person who deserves to be dethroned is Barry Bonds... and I'm sure you didn't cheer him on. Why? For the same reasons you shouldn't cheer A-Rod on. He was a liar and a huge cheater.

    Stop being a typical Yankees Fan for a moment and be a baseball fan. You are destroying the sport.

  4. Baseball fan, get a life. The guy cheated, he was found out and it's over, get on with it. I hate it when people say "typical Yankee fan." Every team has had cheaters and their fans still stand my the team. You wouldn't be a real fan if you didn't.

  5. Right... they stand by the team. I 100% agree with that. But to stand behind the player? Do you see the problem with your logic? I never said to not stand behind the team. The Yankees are the greatest franchise in sports history. I'd like to try and keep that title without any suspicion as to whether they reached it fairly.

    When I say typical yankees fan... i mean someone who does not seeing a problem when roger clemens throws a splintered bat at Mike Piazza's head. When I say typical yankees fan... i mean someone being okay with A-rod holding up the team for the hugest contract in baseball history, because he is the "purest player" in the game, getting incentives, because of his race to be the greatest homerun king since Hank Aaron (BECAUSE BONDS WAS A CHEATER) and then using the stress of that title as the excuse to why he cheated. It's bs and you know it.

    But I am a Yankees fan. I've been since the day I was born. And you're right, this isn't only a Yankee problem. It's a baseball fan problem. It's a Dodger Fan problem for giving Manny a standing ovation when he returned from cheating. It's a Boston problem for standing behind Ortiz. It's an astros problem for what they let Tejada, Clemens, and Pettite do. And most of all it's a Cardinals' problem because they have let Mark McGwire back in... and turned the whole steroids controversy into a circus.

    And by the way, when you say "the guy cheated, he was found out and it's over, get on with it". Tell that to Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe Jackson and I'm sure they'll agree, but why isn't baseball willing to forgive them?

  6. I agree with you more in these statements than in your previous post, maybe I misunderstood. I don't see where my logic is flawed, though. I never said that you have to stand by the player, I said real fans stand by their teams. It IS disgusting to know that some of your favorite players (Clemens, Pettitte) juiced it. And it IS disgusting that these players get standing ovations and are seen as 'brave' for coming out.

    I definitely think Pete Rose belongs in the Hall. Maybe the difference with him and Joe Jackson is that they both did the unthinkable, betting on the game/throwing the game? Different crimes but some are much worse than others.