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Brief Thoughts About the Winn Signing

By Karley Ziegler Mott

Randy Winn was signed by the Yankees yesterday to a one year contract in the $2 million neighborhood. That glimmer of hope I had left for a Johnny Damon return has been squashed.

Damon's service to the team aside, the Yankees made this strictly a financial decision. They decided they wanted a bargain and did not want to pay for Damon even though he could have had a productive season.

Are we getting an improvement over Damon? No. Last year, Winn hit two homers and had one of the worst slugging percentages in the National League. What exactly will he bring to the table? Not much, I predict. I'm probably being cynical since I have long been a Damon fan, but I see in Winn a player who will have a lackluster season and only make an occasional contribution to the team.

While the Yanks may think they're getting a bargain, it's not a bargain if you don't get any use out of your purchase. It's like that "bargain" pair of shoes still sitting in the closet unworn two years later. Just because they are saving money by not signing Damon for another year at a higher price doesn't mean signing Winn for $2 million will be a wise investment.

My initial thoughts on giving Damon his walking papers? This was simply a matter of dollars and cents, even if it makes no sense at all.

What are your thoughts on the Randy Winn signing?


  1. I don't like this move, all I can think is the Yankees just decided they have enough offense and didn't need anymore. Winn didn't have a great year in the NL West and he didn't even have to face the best pitchers in the division because they pitch for the Giants. I don't see anyway this guy can do much against the pitching in the AL. What would this guy give us if he played a game against the Red Sox, answer likely absolutely nothing!

  2. Have you ever heard that old baseball truism "Pitching and defense wins"? You're ONLY thinking "offense" when you whine abt losing a Damon or Abreu or Matsui. Granderson and Winn as well as Hoffman and Golson are far better defenders then any of those we let go. Vazquez will lengthen our staff and, hopefully, due to maturity and more experience, live up to his potential this time around.
    Also, Damon may not duplicate last yrs nos.. Remeber he tied his HR record last yr and that's only the second time he hit 24. Nick Johnson is an on-base machine who, I believe, will prove to be a better no. 2 hitter than Damon(grnding into DP's aside). Granderson, under Long, will return to using the whole field to hit into and maybe approach .300 again.
    Net, net--let's give Cash, Girardi et al the benefit of the doubt--afterall, they did put together a team that won the WS last yr!!

  3. ScoutingwiththeFAAJanuary 29, 2010 at 4:49 AM

    BERGENNEDDI is right! I'm tired of everybody whining abt losing Damon. He's the worst defensive OF in the majors. Also, Winn had a bad yr last yr BUT in 4 of last 6 yrs, he's hit .300. Has Damon?

  4. Scouting, the answer to your question is yes. Looking back in the last 6 years--

    In 2005, 2006, and 2007 Winn had a BA of .300 or above.

    In 2004, 2005, and 2008 Damon had a BA of .300 or above.

  5. Winn is a 1-year rental and I don't see him as a 1 for 1 replacement for Damon. Damon even if he was coming back would only be here for another year or two. Baseball's a business. Players are worth what any team is willing to pay not what he, the agent,fans or the press thinks. If Damon can get more than 2 years/14 mill, more power to him. I think not though. We'll see.

  6. This was all about who could flex more their muscles between the Steinbreners and Scott Boras. Not even Cash or Damon took part of the mix. Yankees are looking forward signing Crawford from the Rays in 2011.