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By Patrick McCabe

With the trade of Melky Cabrera and Austin Jackson for Javier Vasquez, the Yankees are noticeably thin in the outfield. Any team wants four if not five outfielders and right now we stand at three: Brett Gardner, Curtis Granderson, and Nick Swisher. Well, four if you count Rule 5 draft acquired Jamie Hoffmann, and I don't. Assuming Hoffmann can make the club, the Yankees would still like to sign an outfielder with experience in the majors to help the rest of the platoon. There are many options out there that we are all familiar with; Jason Bay and Matt Holliday. But there are other options that may not seem so obvious.

When looking for a good outfielder you want a guy with power who can field and throw well. At this point I think it is more important for the team to get a boost on speed and defense. I would sacrifice some power because there's a couple guys at the front of the lineup who can make up for it. Personally I would like to get Xavier Nady back but he is still recovering from an elbow injury and says he "may" be back in time for spring training. A guy like Marcus Thames is a free agent, not an all-star by any means but solid all around and experience in New York.

The Athletics just released Jack Cust and that's a guy I think they might go for. His average was down last season at .240 but hit 25 HR's, had 70 RBI, and scored 88 runs. He would be great off the bench and could help in the outfield rotation. He also has experience DHing and could ride the merry-go-round at that position as well. I think Cust could be a good bargain, he made 2.8 million last year. Cust also shared an outfield with Swisher for the Athletics in 2007.

I don't think running out and getting the big name of the day is the Yankees style any more and for that I am thankful. I need a team player. A guy who's been around and wants to win. Cust is a veteran at 8 years in the MLB, but he's only 31 and in his prime. We will just have to wait and see.
Only 52 days till pitchers and catchers report to Tampa.


  1. Good informative article, but I don't agree that "running out and getting the big name of the day isn't the Yankees style any more." Define the logic underlying that conclusion! Last Tuesday, the Yankees shelled out $26.59 million for the luxury tax, because they spent so much for the "big names of the day" less than a year ago: Sabathia, Texeira, and Burnett.

    On another note, I agree Cust would be a strong fit for the reasons you mentioned. Another reason is his left-handed power bat and the launching pad out to right field in New Yankee Stadium.

  2. Cust is a wiff king. He either walks, wiffs or hrs. In fact, he has the all-time ML record for doing just that. That means he rarely advances runners. He is not the team player the Yanx r looking 4 in left.

  3. Yes we traded Melky Cabrera and Austin Jackson for Javy Vazquez. Are you serious?