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A New Hope for the Evil Empire: A Yankee Fan's Shopping List

By Todd L Green 12/ 18/09

Compared to last year's off- season, it's easy to say to Yankees haven't made a big splash so far. Curtis Granderson, their biggest acquistion to date, seems to have caused a huge divide between Yankee fans rather than set our sights on World Series gear that is even newer than we already have. Many wonder, why cou Austin jackson not have been used as bait for Roy Halladay or Cliff Lee? Had one of those two put on pinstripes this off-season, agreeing to pitch behind CC and AJ, the Yankees would have been unstoppable for the next decade. But that's okay because we don't have to be like those selfish and senseless Red Sox, shelling out all that dough for nothing that impressive.

No... Overall, Granderson was a good move. He’ll put up Damon-like numbers, achieve that centerfield “household name status”, the way Bernie did when I was a kid, and be a leader for NY on and off the field. And now we don’t have to blow a ton on Holliday or Bay. However, it’s quite obvious that with the Red Sox and the Orioles both actively pursuing the improvement of their teams, Grandy must only be the start of the Yankees off-season. And for anyone who’s looking wisely, which I hope the Yankees are, there are many steals on the market. I hope the Yankees’ off-season decisions are as follows:

Ben Sheets- This is a no-brainer. They wanted this guy so badly a while back and things fell through. When healthy, Sheets is easily one of the best pitchers in the game. Ever see his curveball? Ben Sheets could be picked up for pennies, with incentives, team options, etc. and we could have the biggest steal of the off-season. Justin Duchscherer and Erik Bedard are lethal, when in the zone, and could be gotten for less than an arm and a leg.

Mark DeRosa for RF- DeRosa can play first, second, third, outfield; who knows, he can probably catch and pitch too. This guy was let down by a choppy Cleveland line-up and a late season move to the biggest disappointment in baseball. He’s got to be aching for a championship and he fits the mold of the old Yankees dynasty. Hard- nosed ballplayers like Leyritz, O’Neill, Brosius. And Tino. Rick Ankiel, Rocco Baldelli, and Scott Podsednik are also strong and can boost the line-up and compete with Melky and Swish.

Move Posada to DH- Forget Nick Johnson. Sign a veteran catcher, say Brad Ausmus, Mike Redmond, or Paul Bako, then let Posada and the new guy tutor Cervelli, who could be amazing for years. Posada’s numbers would stay up all year/ he won’t whither away, and our offense will increase ten-fold more then it ever would have with Johnson.

Move Gaudin and Joba to the Pen- Phil Hughes belongs in the starting rotation, it’s obvious he doesn’t have what it takes to come in during a crunch. And Joba is perfect for the job. Everybody has known it for years but is too scared to just come out and say it… But why not do it? Mariano Rivera was supposed to be a starter and the choice Joe Torre made created the greatest closer the game has ever seen.

Here is my Starting Nine: 1B- Tex, 2B- Cano, SS- Jeter, 3B- ARod, RF- DeRosa/ Ankiel / Baldelli/ or Podsednik, CF- Granderson, LF- Melky/or Swish, C- Ausmus/ Redmond/ Bako/ or Cervelli, and DH- Posada.

Here is my Rotation: 1- Sabathia, 2- Burnett, 3- Pettitte, 4- Sheets/ Duchscherer/ or Bedard, and 5- Hughes.


  1. i agree with you on joba and hughes, the yanks need another lefty to replace coke, ben sheets,see carl pavano, cc,aj,andy,hughes,and gaudin,you know if it doesn't work,cashman will make a trade by june, the yanks are saving up for 2011, carl crawford, joe mauer or clif lee, all three would be nice,also nick johnson is a nice replacement for hinske and derosa would be an up grade for hairston jr.

  2. The Sheets idea is OK as long as the contract is low guaranteed money. The other ideas. not so much.
    There is no good reason to force a child to dig ditches when he could be so much more.
    Why do you want to make a Chamberlain a reliever before you find out if he can be a much more important member of the team as a starting pitcher?

  3. i think comparing sheets to pavano is a joke. Pavano broke down AFTER we signed him. Sheets broke down before and is low risk. Pavano had ONE decent season, the one right before we signed him. Sheets had MANY but is coming off a tough break. While Sheets is more prone to injury, an incentive laden contract is a good move and without a doubt protects the yankees from a Pavano repeat.

    As for making Joba dig ditches? creative wordplay, but simply wrong. The guy was miserable to watch down the stretch. Often he threw 90 or more pitches in 5 innings or less. I'm sure not giving him free range to just throw and throw and not limiting him to ridiculous innning and pitch counts might have helped his confidence, but the guy was terrible and that's why he ended up back in the pen... where he dominated in the playoffs, against the best teams in baseball, no less.

    Not to forget that no matter how great you play all season every great Yankee is measured by his playoff track record. Yogi, Mickey, Whitey, Jeter, Bernie, Pettite, Rivera... all these guys were or are amazing all year long, every year, but it is their playoff dominance that will always keep them in the hearts of Yankees fans. Joba has potential, but only through the pen.