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Javier Vazquez Returns!

By Todd L Green 12/22/09

Wow. What a day! I must admit that I feel sort of foolish not considering the trade route. This Javier Vazquez deal is the latest in the Yankees sudden moves that have shocked me. But honestly, I like it a lot. While I was not a huge fan of Vazquez in 2004, the guy doesn’t have the pressure on him he did back then either. He’s our number four now and a damn good one at that. He was one of last year NL Cy Young Candidates! His ERA obviously stands no chance at 2.85 in the AL, but with the Yankee lineup behind him he could do some serious damage for us. Not to mention, he is basically replacing Gaudin and Aceves, as a back of the rotation starter, which is an improvement of epic proportions.

AND if Andy Pettitte does finally call it quits at the end of 2010 we will definitely have enough money to resign Vazquez without driving the rest of the baseball world crazy.

Also… an interesting fact MLB.com put up on it’s website. Since 2000 (for the past 9 seasons) Vazquez has won at least 10 games and struck out at least 150 batters. While that doesn’t seem all that impressive, apparently only nine other players in major league history have done it. Check it out. Look up Martinez, Feller, Ford, Koufax, Spahn, etc. The only ones I’ve found so far are Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, and Steve Carlton (who did it for 18 years straight!). Now, I admit it’s strange to consider Javier Vazquez amongst that kind of company... but hey, he’s a Yankee now so why not?!

In closing, with a 2010 Pitching Staff of CC, AJ, Pettitte, Vazquez, and either Hughes or Joba Chamberlain… why not just give us the WS trophy already!


  1. A truly terrible signing. Let's take what we know: (a) subpar performance in NY, (b) gives up homeruns very easily - in the new stadium, look for at least 35 homers per season, (c) consistent 4.50+ era (even when pitching in weak divisions).

    His biggest benefit is that he's been injury resistant and able to eat up innings. I think the Yankees signed him hoping for 6 innings with 3 to 4 earned runs per start and that they've decided that they're satisfied with that. As for me...I'm not.

  2. Dear "anonymous" thanks for your thoughts... but you're quite off.

    First, he was traded for and not signed... not signed. You can't just take out a check book for everything, Mr. typical modern baseball fan.

    Second, how could you claim his biggest benefit be to eat up innings and then immediately after... you claim the Yankees hope for him to go only 6 innings per game? Does that make sense? Sounds like someone has no sense of pitchers going more than six before you dive into the pen.

    Third, a terrible stay in NY, you say? Forgot all about him going 10-4 for the first half of that season and then having to pitch the whole second half with a bum shoulder? I'm sure you bought a little Vazquez t-shirt before the all-star game, which he was selected to that year, with your little high hopes that he was going to dominate the world forever. And then once things didn't work out and hh got injured, like a typical fair weather yankee fan that makes everyone else in the world hate us, you started crying to Cashman to go buy another player and crucify this guy.

    Lastly, an average 4.50 ERA? I see three seasons in the past ten, including his hurt Yankee season. Also, nobody claimed this guy was going to dethrone CC or AJ and Andy. He's in the 4th spot for crying out loud.

    Nobody cares if you didn't find what you wanted in your stocking this year. Just don't poop in ours to ruin our fun, too.

  3. Vasquez 12 seasons
    WHIP 1.24
    ERA 4.19
    Avg over 30 games per yr pitched
    over .500 win pct.(Baseball reference is source)
    I'll take that for our number 4....and with the pressure of not being the ace of of him, and that lineup behind him....certainly an upgrade from anything we had in house. I dont beleive in Joba in the starting rotation. I think he has shown time and time again (minus the battle with Beckett a few yrs back) that he isnt durable enough to pitch in the starting rotation, and his mentality is all bullpen..that is where he is intimidating...Hughes, great number five, best in the game......P.S.who plays LF for us next yr?

  4. Ripper,
    You are signed to a contract after completing a trade. The fact that we had to give up a player makes the signing even worse. But we're arguing semantics, here.

    Actually, his ERA was over 4.50 for 3 out of the last 6 years. And one of the years when it was below that number...his ERA was 4.42

    With the exception of CC, many of us would have been delighted this year if our other starters could get at least 6 innings per game. I meant that as a compliment for Vasquez. Divide his innings pitched by number of game appearances over the past few years and you'll see he's in the 6 to 7 inning per game range. That's a good thing considering our recent history in the #4 spot.

    I'm a Yankee fan and would love for him to have a good year. I'm just not very optomistic that will happen. Especially at a cost of $11.5 million plus Melky Cabrera.

  5. ripper,

    Thanks for your comments, but there is no reason to insult anybody here.