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Did I Order the Cold Plate?

by Patrick McCabe 12/21/09

Everyone seems to be creating a lot of hullabaloo regarding the Yankees activities, or lack thereof, during the off-season. I thought that this would come as a welcome break. After a whirlwind of unprecedented signings last winter, the Yankees have taken a considerable step backwards in terms of intensity. Don't get me wrong, I like the addition of Curtis Granderson even though his numbers against lefties makes me want to hurl. But still this offseason has really belonged to the Mariners, Phillies, Red Sox, etc.
Even though the bombers aren't lighting up the headlines nationwide, I've found myself enjoying this offseason. It's nice to put your feet up and watch every other team try to accomplish what we so successfully did last year. Brandishing swords at the winter meetings dueling each other for the top prize, it's so medieval. The moves that other teams have made all seem to benefit the Yankees in some way. We no longer have to see Roy Halladay five or more times throughout the year, maybe once in interleague play. But I don't see the Phillies going to the World Series three years in a row. The most important thing Halladay might do is get the NL an all-star game win for the first time since 1996. The Mariners have bolstered their lineup significantly which will only make those dreaded west coast trips harder but at least the Angels won't be able to walk to the top of that division without some problems. Anybody that can compete with and beat on the Angels all season is a friend of mine.
What the Yankees need right now in consistency. Brotherhood and teamwork. It sounds awful and cliche but that's because it's true. A Curtis Granderson is the type of player we should be recruiting; tough guys who play hard and play to win. The mentality of this team doesn't need to be stirred up by a bunch of offseason controversy. If our payroll goes down, our stock goes up. One less thing for every Yankee hater to complain about because when you get down to it, we are the defending champions, and will be all season.
Only 59 days till pitchers and catchers report to Tampa.

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