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Big Day in the East

Aaron Ebbs

We all know how busy it was in the AL East yesterday with the trade of Roy Halladay, and signings of Mike Cameron and John Lackey for Boston. Yankees then lost Hideki Matsui to the Angels.

Now alot of fans will be upset about Hideki not coming back to the Yankees. But honestly it was the right move for the organization. Matsui's final stats with the Yankees were .292 with 140 HRs and 597 RBIs. But it was time for him to go. Alot of people do not understand that just because you hit 28 HRs one year doesn't mean you will do it again. Eventually great players decline and id much rather get rid of a guy the year before he declines rather than the year after. So we now need 1 more guy in our lineup. Someone who can play left and DH. Damon seems to want an awful lot of money in any deal. So assuming Damon does not resign what other options do we have with Cameron off the table.

Matt Holliday
He will likely cost us a ton of money since as I posted before he is looking for Mark Teixeira money. He also recently received a huge offer from the Cardinals. So I will cross him off the list.

Jason Bay
Once again another player who will most likely demand a huge contract. He did hit 36 homers for Boston last season but his defense is shaky and id rather over pay for Damon for 2 seasons than Bay for 4 or 5.

Mark Derosa
Mark is a very good player for any team to have. He has 20 Home Run power and is a .275 career hitter. But most of all he has played every position over the last 2 years except catcher and center field. So if signed he can play everyday in left and also fill in as any other position to allow the other vetrans a half day off as the DH.

Out of those 3 I personally would take Derosa just for the fact that it wouldn't be a long term huge money contract. Of course my first choice is Damon but until Boras lowers his demand we need to keep our options open.

As for the rotation I still like Sabathia, Burnett, Pettitte, Hughes, Chamberlain. However if we do sign a pitcher id go after Sheets and move Joba to the pen just because I feel Hughes has more upside as a starter. However I do feel both will be effective starters if they just let them pitch. They wont be good however if we keep babying their arms and turning them into headcases not knowing what there role is going to be from week to week. Joba came out of the break strong until we started messing around with his innings. Its time to let him loose and see what he can do.


  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly about keeping Damon over trying for Bay.

  2. Been a Yankee fan for 50+ years, but...

    Petitte is a year older and not getting any better. John Lackey he's not.

    Hughes and Chamberlain proved themselves ineffective as starters last year. They also proved themselves as generally ineffective as relievers in the Series, so I have strong doubts.

    Damon is very clearly on the decline. I field and throw better than him at this point. His bat is not good enough to be a quality DH.

    I think we need two pitchers and another outfielder/DH for 2010.

    Why are you worrying about how much the Yanks will spend? Afraid they'll raise the price of hotdogs? Why are they looking to lower their payroll costs? The economic model for this thing is: pay the price, assure yourself of going far enough in the playoffs to generate a return. The crash and burn economic policy is: save a few million on salary, don't go far enough into the postseason to earn it all back, take a big loss for the year. Just compare Yankee profits this year vs the last few years.

  3. Im not worried about how much we spend each year. Im just concerned with locking a player like Holliday or Bay longterm. Holliday is 30 wich is still young but do you want to be paying him 16 Mil when he is 37? I sure dont. Of course we have the resources to sign him but after a 4-5 seasons we will most likely be stuck with an untradable DH for 3-4 seasons. Jason Bay is already 31 and on the decline especially on defense. I know he hit 36 homeruns but thats at fenway where routine fly balls to left are homeruns. I know Yankee stadium as the same effect on balls to right but Bay is a pull hitter. And once again will be a DH in just 2-3 seasons. Id rather stick with Damon for 1 ro 2 more years as our DH and have Melky in left. Our Defense will be stronger and our lineup basically the same with Granderson relacing Matsui. And how do you figure Damon isnt a quality DH. 24 Homeruns batting .282 with an .365 OBP and 82 RBIs out of the number 2 hole. How is that not quality enough? I think to many people get caught up thinking a DH should be strictly a power hitter who will it 30-35 bombs each year.

  4. Well, in 2008 Damon hit .303 so that's a 21 point drop in one year. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt and take only 5 homeruns and another 10 points off his average next year and you have a very average (for non-Yankee teams) DH.

    Yes, 4 or 5 very good seasons out of Holliday or Bay is worth it and if we're paying him $16 mil seven years from now, those will not be extraordinary numbers by then. With inflation, that's about equal to $7 or $8 mil now. We spend more than that on Kei Igawa.

  5. Yanks need Pitching unless CC can pitch every other day.

    AJ is so hot cold and a bit of a head case.
    Pettitte just received his MLB AARP card.
    Joba & Hughes are good (not great) set up men. Set up men needed in that spot mind you.

    Yanks need another strong arm in the rotation.

  6. We don't need a left fielder, we needed Lackey! To make our pitching staff better and also to keep him awau from Boston who now is loaded with starters.

    We can have Gardner or Melky play left or resign Xavier Nady who is a good left fielder and good hitter. HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Quick post- I think the Yankees are really avoiding spending big money on another contract because of Mauer. It's not secret they want to DH Posada more, and it would be money well spent to bring in a guy like Mauer that is a great guy on top of his Gold Glove and always improving offense; plus he's young.

  8. will be VERY surprised if Twins part with Mauer. They will pay to keep him...

    Yanks need another solid pitcher, badly. Pisses me off Mgmt chose to ignore this fact

  9. I don't think pitching is needed to bad right now honestly. I really think Joba and Hughes will surprise us all. But even if just 1 of the 2 work out then we instantly have a reliever mid season and the prospects to acquire a veteran pitcher at the deadline. And if they pan out our rotation is great. its really a win win situation in my eyes.

  10. Aaron,
    And I want to believe in Santa Claus but I don't.

    What is there from their performance last year that leads you to believe that at least one will pan out as a starter?

    Here's the risk: "and if they DON'T pan out our rotation is sorely lacking to the extent that every GM in baseball will rip us off terribly in our efforts to acquire someone even halfway decent and it's really a lose lose situation in my eyes."

    This is not how the elder Steinbrenner would have played it.

  11. I dont think Hughes was pitching that bad as a starter last year. I wanted to keep him in the Rotation but Wang had to go somewhere.