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Ahhh, The World Series!

By Jessica Kohler

The leaves are falling, the air is crisp, the bats are swinging, and the runs have been scored. Ahhh, the World Series is over. But there’s nothing better than the post season when the New York Yankees are involved. As a dedicated fan, I can honestly say, it’s been hard to watch the last handful of postseasons . The years of losses, sweeps, heartbreak, shakeups and breakups, at this point, we can all say that we longed for the Yankees of the late 1990’s. You know, the ones that won World Series. But all is well in the Land of New York, because the New York Yankees are back, and are World Series Champions.
But the ups and downs that we’ve been through over recent years is what makes it no surprise that the 2009 World Series have mirrored a rollercoaster ride that we Yankees fans have not wanted to be on. Bullpen drama, starters short on rest that can only make it through two to three innings, lack of hitting. I think I’m sick to my stomach, and we want to get off this ride and celebrate that it’s over!
Somewhere along the way this season, I stopped watching the games for the competition factor, and started watching to see what the Yankees did differently than other teams. It became quite clear, after the All-star break, that the Yankees were headed into the post season. I try to figure out why the 2009 Yankees were different than the Yankees of the past few years. It amazes me with that many players in and out of the lineup this season, the Yankees always seem to work as a well-oiled machine with only a few small kinks here or there. Over the course of the season, I noticed one thing specifically. No matter what the score, win or lose, the Yankees always know what they can change, or where they can try harder.
So now that we had one more chance to figure it out, we put Andy Pettitte on the mound. A Yankee for years, and at that, one that came back to New York after a hiatus from the American League, he’s a starter that I was happy to see pitch the Yankees to the Championship. Although he tends to get a little off when not pitching on full rest, I fully expected that between the atmosphere, the new stadium, the excitement, Andy would deliver what we are all looking for, with poise, confidence, and lots of strikes.
With Pettitte on the mound, delivering the way he should, we hoped that we see an increase in hitting activity. Sure, Posada played on short rest, but he’s definitely one of the tougher catchers that I’ve seen in the recent past. Swisher’s number’s have been at best dismal, but now that he’s restructured his stance, more hits seem to be coming. And we can’t forget the apparent Kings of the Postseason, Jeter and Rodriguez, who we can count on for at least a couple hits and some RBI’s thrown in there. I certainly wasn’t expecting Matsui to dig as deep as he did, but I think we are all certainly happy with what he brought to the ballpark last night! Of course, how can we forget the God of all closers, Mariano Riveria. Strike after strike, he shut the Phillies down. With run support, you could always count on Mo to maintain the lead. Let’s just be thankful that there are no more umpire calls like the handful of “Please can we redo?” that we saw in Philadelphia when we where back in New York.
So alas, the World Series is over. And we have won back in the Bronx where it belongs. Isn’t an amazing feeling? One where we are all breathing a bit easier today. All I can say it “Thank you New York”, for finally giving us the piece of action that we’ve been waiting for and making us 2009 World Series Champions!

1 comment:

  1. I love the idea to trade Cano for the King! Throw in Austin Jackson and they might actually do it. King Felix would be the best addition for our pitching staff and he would rival CC for the coveted number 1 slot. Go do it Cashman! We approve this message