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Saving Face: Alex Rodriguez tested positive in 2003

By: Nick Marro

Yesterday morning baseball fans learned that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for anabolic steroids in 2003. In order for Rodriguez to maintain a positive image he needs to come clean and do everything in his power to keep any integrity he has left.

Rodriguez has never been a favorite of the media and now more than ever he is going to be forced to talk. If he chooses to stay quiet he’s going to face more speculation and criticism than he can handle and his entire career may be over-shadowed. The best thing that Rodriguez can do is take a page from former teammate Jason Giambi and admit to what he did wrong.

Should Rodriguez admit to taking steroids in 2003, he will likely be granted an opportunity to reassure fans that he has since been tested many times and will continue to be tested in the future.

It’s also important to consider the fact the Rodriguez still has nine years on his contract with the Yankees, if he manages to put up great numbers while being tested and proving to baseball fans he is no longer using any type of performance enhancing drug, he may be able to save face.

There are several ways that this can affect Rodriguez’s career, positively and negatively. It will be up to Alex himself to decide whether or not the baseball world will forgive him for what is now being considered a tainted past.

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