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Yanks with room to spend

By:Daniel Boyle

The New York Yankees have been criticized over the years for "buying championships" with their high payroll. People expect the Yankees to pursue the high-priced "a-list" free-agents each year, and to offer top-dollar. Last season it seemed the Yankees were going in a different direction, relying on young, home-grown talent for a good portion of the season. Oh, how we were all mistaken. As you may have heard (unless you are living under a rock), the Yankees just signed CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett, two of the most desirable F.A.'s this year. While Yankee fans celebrate, fans of the other 29 teams consider the most significant thing the Yankees are buying is a World Series. This off season has been considered a huge payroll addition by many "Yankee Haters" (as Curt Schilling would like to be known as), but the truth is, next year's team will cost less than last year's!

Jason Giambi made $23.5 million last year
Bobby Abreu made $16 million last year
Carl Pavano made $11 million last year
Mike Mussina made $11 million last year

all together-$61.5 million

Those are just a few of the players that are off the Yankees' books this year.

CC Sabathia will be making $23 million this year (less than Giambi)
AJ Burnett will be making $16.5 million this year

add the two's salaries and you get-$39.5 million. (The exact amount that Giambi and Abreu made together.)

that leaves $22 million to throw around (or more if they feel the need to surpass last years payroll.)

Now, if the Yankees decide to make a bid for Mark Teixeira at $150 million for 7 years (which is the Orioles' estimated offer to him), it will leave him making just under $22 million a next year. Hmmm, Intriguing.

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