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Yanks Checkbook on Hold Until Someone Else Signs

by Tom Phillips

While the Yankees have been busy this offseason doling out nearly a half billion dollars in free agent contracts, they're still left with at least one more open rotation spot to fill via free-agency. Don't expect this gap to be filled any time soon.

Since the Yankees have already signed 3 Type A free agents (Teixiera, Burnett, Sabathia) they've hit their allowed free agent quota. Every team is allowed to sign up to three Type A or B free agents in the offseason, and additional ones if they lose similar players. In Ivan Rodriguez, Bobby Abrreu, and Andy Pettitte the Yankees have three more potential slots they can use on similar players, that is once these players sign with another team.

What does that mean? Assuming Abreu and Pudge get contracts from someone else, the Yankees will have the ability to bring in two more Type A or B free agents. But until those contracts are approved, the Yankees can merely hold talks with prospective players and their agents, no deals will get done.

So all you fans thinking the Yanks are going to let Pettitte walk due to the lack of activity, come down off of the ledge. They merely need to wait until Abreu signs with another team to get the deal done. An additional note, not offereing Abreu arbitration will most likely be one of the main reasons that the Yanks will be able to bring Pettitte back in addition to their big names brought in so far.

This also means that it is highly unlikely that the Yanks sign a player like Orlando Hudson or Manny Ramirez, so the hypothesizing on who will make up the roster next year is somewhat limited, barring a trade the roster is pretty much set at this point, after they resign Pettitte.

1 comment:

  1. "Every team is allowed to sign up to three Type A or B free agents in the offseason, and additional ones if they lose similar players" - I'm not sure this is how the type a/b free agent cap works. The maximum number of type a/b free agents a team can sign is the LESSER of (1) the MLB cap (maximum of 3 if there are 62 or fewer type a/b free agents in a year), or (2) the number of type a/b free agents a team loses in a year. The free agents lost don't get added to a team's cap. In other words, if the Yankees lose 4 type a/b free agents in a typical year, the max they could sign is 4, not 7.