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Yankees Still Have Many Options

By Chris Catalano

In this Free Agent pool still flooded with talent it seems that the Yankees may be the only team willing to spend money. The Yankees have upgraded their starting pitching and their corner infield, but the middle infield and outfield still need work.

The solution to this problem is in one man, Orlando Hudson. Hudson is a superior fielder who would could either lead off or slip to the 9th slot in the order. You may be wondering where they would fit Hudson. That would be in center field. The range he has at second base is impeccable and his speed would be greatly utilized in center field.

The second base to outfield shift has been done by the Yankees before with Chuck Knoblauch and was contemplated with Alfonso Soriano. Both moves to the outfield worked out for the better. Yes, this was tried before with Tony Womack and it never seemed to work, but the risk the Yankees would take be signing Hudson would be nothing compared to the possible reward. The could sign him for as little as a 5 year 35 million dollar contract, which would make him the steal of the offseason.

If they shy away from the idea of signing a second baseman for the outfield, there are plenty of free agent possibilities for center field such as Rocco Baldelli. The best way to acquire a center fielder would be in a trade. I’m not talking about a Mike Cameron for Melky Cabrera trade, I’m talking blockbuster. A Melky Cabrera, Ian Kennedy swap for the Pirates Nate McLouth- or a Hideki Matsui, Philip Hughes trade for the Indians Grady Sizemore.

Currently the Yankees starting rotation is CC Sabathia, Chien Ming Wang, A.J Burnett, Joba Chamberlain and the Yankees still want a 5th starter, and many are available. If Pettitte does not resign the Yankees could dip into their farms and give Philip Hughes another shot. Or they can do what they do best; sign a Free Agent such as Ben Sheets. No team seems tom be vying for his services and he could be another steal. A 2 year contract with a 3rd year club option may cost the Yankees 20 – 30 million, which is pocket change compared to the way they have been spending.


  1. Incredibly insightful, this should be sent to the Yankees.

  2. These trade suggestions are like callers on Mike and the Mad Dog. What motivation would the other team have in making these deals giving up their better players?