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What if they bust?

By:Daniel Boyle

After the signings of C.C. Sabathia and A.J. Burnett, the Yankees look ready to make another World Series run. The Yankees have spent more money in the past eight years than any other team in baseball, but they only have one championship to show for it. Many Yankee fans believe that with these key signings, the Yankees have a better chance this year to sit atop the MLB than ever in the past eight years. I raise this question though, what if this year is a flop? Will this finally change the Yankees' free-spending tendencies? What if both AJ and CC can't hack it in New York? The probability of this happening is high, lets look back on a few people who were highly-touted and didn't work out...BUSTS. These are the names that Yankee fans cringe at the sound of.

Hideki Irabu was a signing that sent the baseball world into a frenzy! 13 wins his first season, 9 the following year, and 11 in his final year...not very newsworthy eh?

Carl Pavano is still fresh in the minds of Yankees fans. "The Man of Glass" as many refer to him as, coming off of a 18 win season, the Yankees were quick to offer him a big contract. He pitched a whopping 144 innings in his three years with the yankees, thats 78 innings less than he pitched in the ONE season before he came to the yankees.

Kevin Brown's most memorable moment would be punching a wall after a frusterating inning, breaking his hand and putting him on the bench for a significant amount of time. Many people put Brown under the category "couldn't handle New York".

Which leads me to another list...

Randy Johnson lost his cool in front of the New York media multiple times. The NY news market is one of the toughest in the world, and Johnson was the target of much critisizm throughout his years with the Yankees.

A-Rod is the biggest star that the New York sports scene has had since Broadway Joe. When the tabloids hit, he doesn't. When the fans boo him, he shows obvious signs of frustration and pretty much stops performing.

Both A.J. and C.C. come from reletivley small markets. Toronto and Cleveland/Milwaukee. The real test for these players this year is not if they can play, because it is obvious they can, but if they can handle the tremendous burden that is the New York media.

1 comment:

  1. the yanks had to get at least one of these guys, last year was a bust not getting santana.