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The New Era of Baseball, as Inspired by the New York Yankees

By Kyle McMorrow

The New York Yankees have spent the past eight years trying to buy what was once earned by sweat of Tino Martinez, Bernie Williams, and Mariano Rivera; a World Series Championship. But all that sweat has been soaked up by the almighty Yankee dollar, and thrown in the faces of players such as Alex Rodriguez, C.C. Sabathia, and now A.J. Burnett.

The dollar bill sign has replaced the NY logo on the Yankee jerseys, and gloves have become nothing more to players than a shovel to collect all their cash.

But the Yankees should not be held solely responsible for the new nature of the game.

Baseball is turning into a joke, if the steroid era is over, then let the signing bonus era begin. The bidding war that is baseballs off-season has dominated headlines and reshaped the game today. There’s an hour long show that focuses just on baseballs “hot stove”. So while Greg Maddux, one of the greatest pitchers who has ever played the game retires, all the baseball world can talk about are winter meetings.

Why have general managers and agents become as big as the talent on the field? The skill of negotiating a contract has become bigger than the actual product itself.

Teams have come to a false realization that throwing money around will make their problems disappear. Instead of teams realizing the Yankees spending blunders, their bad habits have caught on like wild fire throughout the baseball world.

Mark Teixeira is caught in the perfect storm. Teams are currently in an bidding war with one another to acquire the switch-hitting first baseman. The worst part about this situation is Teixeira will be playing for a team in 2009, not because he wants to be there, but because it was the last team left standing at the end of negotiations.

Joe DiMaggio once said, “I'd like to thank the good Lord for making me a Yankee.” If you ask players now what they would like to thank God for, most athletes might say Scott Boras.

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