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Can you feel the love?

by Tom Phillips

You wouldn't think so by reading a lot of the posts here, but this is still a Yankee site. I love the negativity and naysaying about buying championships and failed youth movements, that's good stuff. It's easy to complain about the Yankees' significant financial advantages over the rest of the league, but if we want parity lets watch the NFL and 8-8 teams making the playoffs (although the NL West makes this argument tough). All the teams are operating with the same set of rules, so don't fault the Yanks for spending what they have.

Face it folks, the Yanks are not going to stop making money hand over fist, and if that's the case then wouldn't you rather see them spend it on the best roster avaialble every year? I think that's just good business sense, and as a fan I can appreciate the fact that the Steinbrenners will do whatever it takes to win. I enjoy knowing that we're going to be playing in October almost every year, but maybe that's just because I'm a big proponent of the stadium hot chocolate.

The reality of the matter is that despite the free agent signings, the Yanks have still done two important things. Number one, they've gotten much younger in the rotation. Replacing Sidney Ponson, Andy Pettitte and Mike Mussina drops the age of their staff from average ages in the mid thirties down into the late twenties. That's a good thing.

Number two, the Yanks' farm system is the most stacked it's been since the mid-nineties, with a plethora of power arms and up and coming position players. Andrew Brackman, Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, Alfredo Aceves, Cody Ransom, Brett Gardner, Austin Jackson, JB Cox, George Kontos, the list goes on. And how about what they have in the majors right now, with Robinson Cano, Joba Chamberlain, and Edwar Ramirez?

The Yankee's financial power allow them to maintain an All-Star lineup while developing their minor league rosters into contributing factors in the Majors. They have the luxury of signing players to mega-deals in order to protect their farm syatem from trades that most other clubs need to make to land these big name players. Would we prefer to trade for Jake Peavy and clean out the top levels of the minors, or spend $160 million on a top notch pitcher and not give any players up? Prett clear choice when you have the money.

Could the pricey acquisitions bust? Sure, but so can younger players from the farm system, see Kennedy, Ian and Hughes, Phil. No one can predict injuries or slumps, which is one of the great things about sports in general. But the fact of the matter is that you assemble the best team possible with the resources you have and then let them play out the season.

So let's show some appreciation to the Steinbrenner familly for opening up their wallets to provide the best team possible year after year, and sit back and enjoy the best roster in baseball, in what will be the most advanced and fan-friendly ballpark in the game.

1 comment:

  1. Nice article Tom. I love how other teams complain about not having money to get players, yet the Pirates received around $10 million two years ago, and instead of using that to get decent players, they just pocketed the money. I just wish the Yankees would go after players a little less injury prone than Burnett, and I also don't think CC will get it done in the playoffs considering his career playoff ERA hovers just under 8.00.

    Keep up the good work!!